Professor Octopus Reads Gospel Cetology, by Maggie Zhang

Reading Moby-Dick in the Time of COVID-19

Student Editors:
Jade Bacherman
Dominick Leskiw
Lily Schaeufele
Emmani West
Introduction: "The Mystic-Marked Whale"
Essay by Kelly Bushnell
Seattle, WA

"Night Orders"
Text by Dominick Leskiw
Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ

"Spotting Moby"
Picture by Emmani West
Bel Air, MD

"Imagining a Different Isolation"
Photo + Sketch by Jade Bacherman
Narragansett, RI

"Quarantined on the Pequod; Hotter than July"
Video + Text by Lily Schaeufele
Shelburne Falls, MA

"The Squid"
Embroidery + Appliqué by Kathlyn Gehl
Chenaqua, WI

Photography by Casandra Paiz
Chicago, IL

"then & now"
Blackout Poetry by Emily
Mystic, CT

Poem by W.E. Shoellkopf
Toronto, ON

"The Deathly Trinity"
Music by Alex Lam
Brooklyn, NY

"Two Whales, One Sky"
Star Charts & Poetry by Ally Grusky
Vero Beach, FL

Twitter Thread by Allan Lei
San Francisco, CA

"Balena Levitan's Letters To Humanity"
Letters by Anabel Makover
Westerly, RI

"Through Groves of Spears... He Would Still Swim Away Unharmed"
Sketch by Angela Chen
Uncasville, CT

Poetry by Emma Baxter
Mystic, CT

"Ishmael vs. S'20"
Essay by Katarina Szada-Daubert
Brooksville, FL

"Parallels of Jeroboam"
Essay by N. Hunter
Mystic, CT

"Shared Experiences"
Photo + Text by Bartholomew Benedict
Mystic, CT

"The End of the Line"
Multi-Media by Maggie Zhang
Mystic, CT + Shanghai, China

Williams-Mystic is the The Ocean and Coastal Studies Semester of Williams College & Mystic Seaport Museum, educating undergraduate students in a transformative semester-long academic investigation of the sea accompanied by original research opportunities and travel throughout the United States. Learn more at mystic.williams.edu!

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